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Sheeps and falls, the best way to start your morning. When I die, I can only hope to spend eternity at the bottom of the Swiss Alps in this perfect little cemetery!.. Or somewhere along the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. I won't be picky! After spending the day on Jungfrau, a huge bowl of sausage, potato and pea soup is in order!
Halfway up the mountain from Lauterbrunnen valley, you have to change trains to get to the Top of Europe. It's here, at the Kleine Scheidegg Railway Station, nestled between the Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau mountains, that you can find a few restaurants with MUCH better food than what you'll find up on Jungfrau. 
Also, the trains stop at numerous stations during the journey up/downhill, all of which you can jump off at and explore hiking trails and lookout points. I've yet to take advantage of these stops further than a quick photo at the lookout spots, but it's just a reason for yet another visit to the prettiest little slice of the world!

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