Have a question, suggestion, free bacon or anything else you’d like to run by me? Send me an email at Jen {at} The Roaming Bean dot com.

Let’s Chat

If you’re interested in collaborating with me, that’s awesome! Thank you for the consideration, and I’d love to chat- Here’s what I’m looking for and what I expect:

I ONLY recommend products, services and anything else that I truly believe in and use myself. I give my honest opinion, regardless of any sponsored collaboration, and stand behind my words. Expected from a partnership is a mutual benefit for both sides, including sharing and respecting my personal ethics and beliefs.

If you’re interested in collaborating on a culinary adventure, I’m the one you’re looking for. With years of kitchen experience including a Le Cordon Bleu degree and working for Wolfgang Puck and L’Orangerie, I also own a successful restaurant in LA County. I take much pride in my culinary knowledge and enjoy artfully and creatively presented dishes made with fresh, sustainable ingredients. If you’re a restaurant, producer of goods, craft brewery, hospitality or any other food and beverage related company, I’d love to talk with you.

If you’re a company specializing in travel, I am interested in itineraries off the beaten path including areas of great culinary and cultural interests. As a solo and budget traveler, I need time to travel my pace and “break away from the group,” while staying on a reasonable budget. I will work with companies who exhibit sustainable travel, offer adventurous yet safe itineraries and those who practice proper business ethics. If these requirements sound like your company, I think we’d be a great match, and look forward discussing a future partnership.


Ad spaces are available to travel and culinary related items/services; please keep inquiries limited to items related to my readers. Sponsored posts will only be considered if it’s a product I truly stand behind- my readers can always trust that I will not pitch anything simply for a monetary value. I prefer honestly recommending a product for free versus making a quick dollar.

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