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I find it absolutely amazing and inspiring that so many awesome craft breweries are popping-up all over the place these days. The small-batch , local brews are continuously gaining notoriety, paving the way for newcomers to jump on board with their own concoctions. The success of these companies are a HUGE thing for entrepreneurs and small businesses, giving hope to anyone with the simple idea to craft a tasty beer themselves.

As much as I love the craft movement, I tend to stay loyal to the small breweries I know and my favorite beer, Guinness. Though I try any craft beers I can get my hands on, at times I don’t go too out-of-the-way to actually enjoy the insane amount that are available, and it constantly makes me wonder why.

I’ve decided to embark on a craft beer challenge!

While most women are watching their waistlines in preparation for the summer months around the corner, I will be headed in the opposite direction, sampling as many craft beers as I possibly can, without becoming a raging drunk.

California is home to some of my favorite craft breweries such as Coronado, Ballast Point and more, so I’m really looking forward to branching out away from my known favorites and into the world of the unknown brews! I will also be updating my craft beer consumption list (if I can remember!), and sharing my favorites and not-so-favorites, so keep checking back!

I urge all my readers to join me, raise a pint, and toast to roaming the world of craft beers!

What are some of your favorite craft beers I should be hunting down?

Part of the A to Z April blogging challenge

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5 Comments on Craft Beer Challenge

  1. I’ve been on assignment in San Diego for the past six months, and have been totally enamored with the craft beer scene down here. Every restaurant down here has seems to have at least one local craft beer on tap, if not a totally local tap selection. And visiting the breweries makes for amazingly fun days!

  2. I recently heard that San Diego has 80, count them, 80 craft beer breweries. In fact two new ones just opened up in our nondescript, non-hip neighborhood. I could do a Craft Beer A to Z three times over.

  3. I am a beer person and with the sweltering summers upon us I’ll think I’ll join you in this craft beer sampling fun! Cheers!

  4. oliviajaynemurphy // April 3, 2014 at 3:21 pm // Reply

    BrewDog UK – great idea by the way!!!

  5. Glad to see you’re more concerned with the finer things in life, and not your figure! LOL! I’ll be doing my best to keep up with you!

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