LA Street Food Festival: That’s A Wrap!

I went.

I saw.

I more than conquered.

This past weekend, the 6th annual LA Street Food Festival went off with a major BANG, leaving myself (and probably every other attendee) in a delicious food coma, forced to uncomfortably waddle to the car.

The event, which took place at the infamous Pasadena Rose Bowl, boasted a stellar lineup of food vendors, craft beer and cocktails. Combined with VIP access the field, print-your-own-Instagram photos and live entertainment, I can personally say that THIS event is THE food event of the year, here in Los Angeles.

With over 100 vendors, it is sadly humanly impossible to sample each and every item. Unless you’re Takeru Kobayashi. But let’s face it: I aint no Kobayashi! I did, however, consume as much as I could possibly withstand, and then I had a little more. And after taking a short break, on my way to the exit gates four hours later, I ate some more. Followed by another michelada from the Michiemobil.

Some of my favorites from the food-filled day, originally shared on my Instagram feed:


Poke and matcha popcorn from Sweetfin.


Pulpo tacos from Mariscos. This was the BEST damn octopus I have EVER had. Seriously.


Bull Taco… Watch out for their opening in DTLA. Amazing pork, bacon and jalapeño tacos!


Mussel and uni sake shots. One of my favorites of the entire day!


Raspberry and lemon donuts from Donut Friend. Small, but totally packed a flavorful punch! IMG_0567



Best uniform award goes to: Kneady Bakery!IMG_0578


Elysian had an amazing blood orange ale… do try some if you have the chance!IMG_0576



These Kneady Bakery people have the marketing thing DOWN! IMG_0581


Yep. Cookies and cream cotton candy. It was everything I never knew I needed in my life.


Donut love with my sister… she chose the white stripes donut. IMG_0577

Curry chicken from Mama Musubi.

It was an event for the books, and I cannot wait until next summer, when I can stuff my face yet again with some of the best dishes in LA! Cheers!

LA Street Food Festival invited me to attend their awesome event. All opinions, like always, are my own. 

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