I Left my Soul in the Dingle Peninsula

Located on the Dingle Peninsula, the Slea Head drive is a circular route that contains nothing but the most spectacular, stunning scenery. National Geographic slated this area of the globe “the most beautiful place in the world,” and there’s no wondering why…


Legend has it if you dip your toes into this specific part of the Atlantic Ocean, located in Inch beach, you will leave part of your soul behind; the only way to get it back is to return within 20 years and re-dip those babies in the freezing cold water (when I say cold water, I mean COLD water!). If you never return to retrieve your soul, you’ll never be complete.

Unfortunately, most of the drive was super cloudy; many sights our guide Dave was telling us about were completely not visible, so a good imagination and the power of Google is needed to recreate what was in front of us. Thankfully, the most incredible view I have ever laid my eyes on was visible…

This part of the Atlantic ocean is the world’s second most dangerous ocean water after Antarctica. All danger aside, this particular spot in the Peninsula was my absolute favorite; I could sit here all day watching the waves crash below.

The Irish countryside is equivalent to pictures out of a storybook…

After the fantastic drive, a stop in the picturesque fishing village of Dingle allowed some time to sample Guinness ice-cream as well as sea salt ice-cream (the sea salt was unbelievably delicious!!) at Murphy’s, where these flavors and other unusual choices are made in-house. The tiny village is dotted with shops and restaurants, which makes for the perfect opportunity to indulge in some fresh seafood (I suggest the seafood chowder, always served with a side of Irish brown bread).


If the Irish legend is true, I would choose no better place to leave my soul behind in than the Dingle Peninsula….

Lil ol' me!

A HUGE thanks to Shamrocker Adventures for hosting my travels through Ireland! All opinions, like always, are my own.

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13 Comments on I Left my Soul in the Dingle Peninsula

  1. I dunno… I think my soul needs some place with a few more trees! 😉

  2. I was on a tour last summer, ❤ Dave! The sights and land capture the soul without even dipping your feet. What a beautiful adventure.

  3. Amazing place indeed.

    Have you been also to the Ring of Kerry?
    In my memories, it’s even more impressive!

  4. It’s such a beautiful place, isn’t it. Glad you got to try Murphy s ice cream, its delicious, I am off to try find some today!

  5. Beautiful photos!

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