I want to spend forever in Oktoberfestland

Upon pondering the places I’ve been and where I would want to reside should I have the opportunity to choose any destination, I quickly thought of the most spectacular celebration and wished it be a world to escape to. …A land filled with pretzel bushes and sausage trees, rivers of Hofbrau and oceans of Spaten; people would be clothed in lederhosen and eat gingerbread heart cookies all day, steins would grow in place of flowers and blue and white checkered flags would flow in the breeze……

Oktoberfest is by far the BEST celebration in the world!! If you’ve been, and you remember it vividly, you probably agree with me. And if you don’t remember it because you were drunk and lost in the streets of Munich trying to find your hostel at 2am (not like it happened to me… I’ve heard that’s what can, uh, happen), then you still probably agree with me.

Oktoberfest is one of the few places you can be at the same table with people representing six different countries at the same time. And given that all living creatures at the festival are pretty intoxicated, shy or not, EVERYONE is super friendly. At one table, I once was surrounded by Aussies, Argentinians, Swiss (who I still talk to) and people from Amsterdam.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Beer wenches are incredibly talented; I’m talking about carrying twelve full steins through crowds of people without spilling a drop. You aren’t served if you don’t have a spot at a table, and there is no sitting on the beer-soaked benches, everyone stands on them. This of course makes for plenty of entertainment, with more drunken idiots than you can count crashing to the glass-filled floor beneath them every second.

There’s pretzels bigger than my head, pork knuckles and plenty of ginormous wieners for all.

And even though there are far more attractions to take in whilst in Munich, I honestly can’t say I’ve done much other than party in a beer tent or nurse my hangover in the bottom bunk at the fabulously clean and modernly awesome Wombats Hostel.

Prost to the opening of Oktoberfest 2012! And cheers to the thought of one day walking through the heavenly golden gates of Oktoberfestland, and spending eternity in its glory.

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You're probably wondering what the heck is a "Roaming Bean"... Given that I am clearly not a Bean, and my name is Jen, what gives with this Bean thing, right? A friend of mine called me JenBean as a child, and it kinda stuck. Actually, it really stuck... even my license plate says Jenbean. And seeing as I have this grand lust to wander the world, The Roaming Bean seemed suitable. I've changed my career path more times than I have my underwear (minus all the times I've gone commando).... from animating, to forensic pathology, to international business, to fashion marketing and even to my wonderful and favorite of the bunch, degree in culinary arts, nothing kept my attention. Nothing was fun enough to do every day for the rest of my life. I mean, even though I cooked for celebrities in the heart of Hollywood, CA, why the hell would I want to sweat my ass off in a ridiculously HOT kitchen for most of the day and go home smelling like beef and onions? And the chef hat?? Do you know what that did to my hair?? Enter traveling.... The rainy day I descended down the tower of Notre Dame in Paris, gripping on to the railing for dear life so not to slip and tumble to an early death from the torrential down pour that was causing a small flood in the stairwell, my life changed. When I safely made it to the ground, legs shaky from an apparent lack of fitness it requires to walk up and down 387 steep stairs, I realized my hands were stained a delightful copper color from the rusted hand rail I had so dearly clung to. Desperate to get the icky stuff off my supple hands, and no running water in sight, I did what any other hopeless idiot would have done: I washed my hands in the nearest Parisian gutter. It was that moment that changed my life... I threw away my hair dryer, my rolling luggage and my dignity. I let my hair go natural, I bought a back pack and I CAMPED through Europe for a month and a half. Yes my friends, I crossed over into a savage traveling beast. Ok, a lot of people travel that way. But I didn't. And I'm so incredibly thankful for that rainy day in Paris that made me realize the world is a pretty sweet place. That realization led me on a quest; a quest to get out there, see things, soak up some local culture and eat my way around the world (with minimal food-related illnesses, such as but not limited to raging diarrhea).

4 Comments on I want to spend forever in Oktoberfestland

  1. Totally agree about the strength of the beer wenches! They’ll knock you aside if you don’t get out of the way in time! Did you try the roast chickens that they serve at the festival too? So good when you’re drunk…

  2. What a fabulous write up on the magical land of Oktoberfest ! Keep up the great posts, highly entertaining!

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